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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Hello and welcome to the world of fun learning! Ubuntu Mail continues to promote literacy, technology and social-emotional skills! Please welcome our brand new online platform for collaborative learning! iDialogue is a place where students become globally minded through the expression of curiosity, compassion and empathy with others. Our thoughtful, ready-to-go platform builds global awareness and collaboration skills by facilitating authentic, cross-cultural experiences. Let's bring the world to your classroom!iDialogue platform helps teachers in different countries connect their classrooms and provides a unique, hands-on learning opportunity for the students. Seeing issues from others’ perspectives, communicating respectfully, and collaborating to solve problems are among the skills that we aim to build. Those goals echo what global education experts recommend as essential learning for today’s students.
What is cultural education?Cultural education consists of the capacity for reflection. Children and also youngsters in cultural education learn to reflect upon their own culture, culture of others and culture in general.And this capacity for reflection is in principle trained in many different forms: it can be through journalism for instance or through history but also through the arts. I think the arts are one of the main forms of self-consciousness, cultural self-consciousness but also philosophy, science and also lessons for example in citizenship.All these forms of reflection together form what cultural education is and that also explains immediately why it is so difficult because of course cultural self-consciousness within Europe is incredibly diverse.Teaching this to children is very important because it helps them to grow up and to function in a culture which has not one clear identity ready for them.