Australian Bushfires and how YOU can help!

Right now, Australia is burning.

Australia has always had bushfires, but this year it’s had an early and extremely intense start to the bushfire season. The country has been going through a very long drought (period without rain). Plants and trees everywhere are very dry, and burn easily.

The results of the fires have been terrible. At least 15 people have died and nearly 1,300 homes have been destroyed. About 19,300 square miles (50,000 square kilometers) of land have burned so far this year. That’s almost 2,000 times larger than the area that bushfires burn in more normal years.

It’s been estimated that over one billion animals have been killed nationally. This includes thousands of koalas, kangaroos. wallabies and other iconic species being burnt alive, and many thousands more injured and homeless.

At iDialogue we could not stand aside and do nothing during this time of crisis. So we partnered up with verified funds to donate $1 for each student registered at our platform. So today you can help by simply joining our international community of learners! Sign up and invite your friends! Together we can make real impact!

We would also like to recognize the heroics of the firefighters and wildlife carers who have worked tirelessly on the frontline, as well as the amazing work of the many organizations helping those in desperate need. 

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