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One thing we share as humans is our vulnerability to both prejudice and stereotyping. Most of us hold prejudices against certain things, ideas, or groups of people.

Prejudice: an unreasonable dislike of or preference for a person, group, custom, etc., especially when it is based on their race, religion, sex, etc.

Stereotype: a fixed idea or image that many people have of a particular type of person or thing, but which is often not true in reality.

Prejudice and Stereotyping are heavy topics. This is why we were excited when Alyona made a video «Do we stereotype people?» in our Challenges section.

We asked Alyona to tell us why she picked this topic for her video.

You can watch Alyona’s video about stereotypes in the Win & Vote section on the Challenges page.

Do you think there are any stereotypes that are good? 

What is the stereotype of someone from your country? Is it fair?

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Nuria Jamala
10:01 AM
Well done Alyona! Thank you for choosing this compex topic!